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Shawtgün ([personal profile] shotgunmouthwash) wrote2009-12-24 02:05 pm
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A list of things I need to do, since I'm quite boring.

I also like lists, and Christmas Eves are hardly exciting in my family, so this list was bound to happen.

Fortunately, I have until January the 18th to do most of this. Yay for my friends and I declaring Martin Luther King Jr weekend as Christmas! So at least for a week or two, I get to be lazy and play Neopets all day. Yes, I still play Neopets. It's kind of awesome.

⫸ Make artist trading cards as presents for everyone
Alex - Done.
Brian - Need idea.
Chris - Have idea, need to plan composition.
Karen - Have idea, drawing today.
Marvin - Have some idea, but it's not a great one
Nikki - Have idea, as well as a back up.
⫸Get Dirty Santa present

⫸Get Secret Santa present

⫸ Get stuff to make Chris' actual present out of.
⪢Leather lace
⪢A few beads
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Mutual friends.

[personal profile] ktalk 2009-12-25 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
Hello there, thanks for adding me back. I see you're also friends with [personal profile] angelikitten and [personal profile] angryoldhag. We look after our own here, so they'll keep you right.

That's a great idea to delay Christmas. You can then do it at your own pace.